5 Easy Methods to Market Your Hotel

During the days of old, the primary way you’d market your hotel is always to place a billboard in Phone Book, relax and wait for a phone to ring.

Nowadays, although Phone Book continues to have a location, there are lots of different options that you should improve your occupancy rates, frequently at a small fraction of the price.

Look at your hotel’s own website. Would be the promotions current? May be the copyright date this season? Can visitors add comments for your guest book? If that’s the case, will they know this? Otherwise, why don’t you. Keeping the website’s content fresh and current is a superb start for promoting the resort.

Begin a Twitter page making it the job of your receptionists to “tweet” something at least one time each day. Enable your customers learn about this and they’re going to begin to promote you.

Produce a profile for the hotel on Facebook. Again, enable your customers know and mail them regular special deals. This is not as odd because it sounds, there are many companies available being promoted on sites like Facebook.

Join among the primary hotel booking sites. You have to keep the available inventory current. And, obviously, you pay a commission. But you are getting business from websites you won’t ever understood existed which supports to maintain your rooms in hotels booked.

Join among the independent hotel directories and obtain your establishment featured there. A few of these sites are surprisingly popular and can deliver enough bookings for that small charge they create.

If you are trying hard to save on your stay in Singapore, it’s best to check online. You will find many hotel Singapore promotion deals on direct sites, and some of them even have special vouchers and coupons for guests.