A Luxury Vacation Or A Nature Trip, What Do You Choose?

Yachts and houses of the rich and famous

The captain welcomes you to the PA system, and you immediately realize that Carrie C has really invested in the audio system; unlike typical boats, you can understand every word that he says – how cool! Drop Carrie C perfectly from the counter, perform a perfect round of 180 degrees and start slightly. The race is so stable, you barely realize your turn. Fort Lauderdale Tour starts with a narrative on luxury houses and magnificent yachts that saturate many of New River’s canals. Then to the Intracoastal inland waterways, go down over Hyatt Pier 66 and Bahia Resorts & Sea Marinas, under 17 Causeway Street, and Port Everglades, home to the busiest port in the world for cruise ships. You can definitely enjoy calm, smooth running on these protected waters while sliding along the lap.

Cruise ships around the world

 It’s amazing how great these cruise ships are! Depending on the day of the week and the period of the year, it will not be somewhere in many colossal ships in the harbor from all parts of the world. These floating-mini-cities, independent and fully functional, simply astonish your mind. Your captain tells you all the current inhabitants of the harbor and highlights the interesting features of the various ships.

You could be one of the many cruise ship passengers who chose to take a boat ride on Carrie C on the day of arrival or departure. The airport and cruise terminal Fort Lauderdale Terminal are so close – just take a taxi to Carrie C. They will offer the convenience of storing your luggage on board while enjoying the attractions and attractions. Seeing the cruise ship from this perspective is a whole new experience.

Of course, you would not be condemned if you would prefer a day trip to a nature reserve, just good to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. This excursion is perfect for people with more exotic tastes, as you meet all the animals and admire the beauty of wilderness. If the information caught your attention, it’s an airboat trip. An airboat is a low-bed vessel powered by a propeller-type aircraft. These are commonly used for fishing, bow fishing, hunting and ecotourism. For unforgettable experiences, it is recommended to take airboat tours fort lauderdale.