Booking a Luxury Vacation Shouldn’t Be a Chore: Here’s How to Avoid the Hindrances

The global hospitality industry features upwards of 200,000 independently-operated hotels and approximately 20 million individual guestrooms and suites, which makes it incredibly difficult to ascertain an affordable luxury accommodation in today’s day and age.

But the hang-ups and drawbacks don’t stop there; just take a look at what people have been saying about travel sites and hotel aggregators as of late:

  • “Nearly every listing I came across featured over-edited pictures; it felt like I was sifting through a college student’s photoshop portfolio…”
  • “After reading through about ten reviews – all of which seemed to be written by some sort of marketer or promotional person – I decided to close my laptop. None of it seemed real or authentic.”
  • “…and the lodging description was flat-out wrong! It said that there were ‘countless restaurants and attractions nearby’ even though the surrounding area was about as empty as my grandfather’s whiskey bottle…”
  • “Serious question – is this a hotel listing website or an advertising platform?”
  • “So apparently an ‘amazing panoramic view’ means ‘you’ll be staring at a disgusting courtyard for an entire week’, and ‘luxurious amenities’ translates to ‘nothing in your room is functional, not even the microwave’.”

As you can see by now, you’ll have to dig through incessant pay-for-play advertisements, fake reviews, and airbrushed photographs to get to the crux of a particular accommodation, which is why even the most seasoned and experienced travellers experience trepidation and anxiety when facilitating online research.

Thus, if you’d like to avoid falling victim to these promotional tricks and the associated truth bias, it’s in your best interests to join a members-only luxury travel review platform.

Professional Reviewers Who Don’t Hold Back on the Facts

First and foremost, it’s important to note that these luxury review platforms are operated by some of the most renowned travel experts in the world and these worldly connoisseurs truly tell it like it is. As such, you’ll be able to read through a seemingly limitless assortment of targeted reviews authored by aficionados who have been there and done that:

  • Qualified hospitality consultants
  • Hotel and resort advisors
  • Aviation and airline specialists
  • Well-known public relations experts
  • Cruise and tour counsellors
  • Former sales directors and executives from the hospitality sector

The World Is Your Oyster

If you sign up for a comprehensive membership, you’ll gain immediate access to a wide range of distinctive testimonials, first-hand accounts, and instructive descriptions about some of the world’s most prominent vacation options.

So, regardless of whether you’re interested in learning more about top-end luxury resorts, deluxe cruise options, airlines, regional attractions, or even the celebrated COMO Hotels network, you’ll be able to sift through an incredible collection of renowned destinations including the Dominican Republic, France, Morocco, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, Dubai, Germany, Turks and Caicos, New York City, Hawaii, and more.

How Does the Process Work from a Traveller’s Perspective?

To join one of these luxury travel platforms, all you have to do is take a few minutes out of your day:

  1. Sign up for an exclusive membership and build your travel profile. You’ll have the option of choosing either a fee-free LUXE membership or an inclusive PLATINUM membership (for frequent travellers).
  2. After joining this energetic online community of passionate reviewers, you’ll be able to avail yourself of edifying newsletters, lucrative updates, and revolving bonus offers to help plan your next getaway.
  3. Using the ample onsite database, you can begin reading reviews, assessing authentic photographs, and researching target destinations to ascertain the most desirable options for your travel group.
  4. Book every aspect of your next holiday excursion directly on the platform.

Say bye-bye to the hustle and bustle of holiday planning, and hello to the vacation of your dreams!