The East Shore Beaches Of Kauai

The East Shore from the Garden Island is called the Coconut Coast and it is where a lot of the population lives today. Here is a short summary of the main beaches of Kauai’s East Shore.

Donkey Beach

Donkey Beach is secluded, but really worth finding due to its lovely strand of sand and trees.

Opinions differ about how the shore took its name. One story has it that within the 1960’s the locals gave it the name, while some express it was named since the nearby plantations used donkeys to haul the sugarcane towards the fields.

When swimming, watch out for strong currents and also the sudden drop offs. In addition to waves breaking around the ledge.

Hanama’ulu Beach Park

Should you be born before 1950, you might recognize Hanama’ulu from, “Donovan’s Reef” the 1963 John Wayne film.”

Otherwise, you might like to know it’s among the only places where you can can camp on Kauai.

The swimming is nice due to a fascinating number of lagoons, in addition to a beautiful woodsy area bordering the stream. Just look for sharks.

Hanama’ulu Beach may be the favorite hangout of locals on weekends to unwind and frolic within the sand and sun.

Kalapaki Beach

A great spot for finding out how to surf, boogie board, bodysurf or windsurf. Using its partial defense against the sea with a break wall, it is the ideal spot to relax, sunbath or watch outriggers and luxury cruise ships pull interior and exterior Nawiliwili Harbor.

Kapa’s Beach Park

In Kapa’a this park is heavily utilized by locals, that makes it more crowded and never as clean since there are no facilities.

With that stated, it will possess a pool, due to the beaches frequent high surf and powerful currents. On windy days you will see kite surfers, because kites can definitely fly once the wind expires.

Kealia Beach

This popular surf and boogie boarding area has strong waves and current. They may be ferocious on windy days so leave that one towards the pros and just go swimming on calm days.