Toyota Avensis: The Following British Touring Vehicle

This huge family saloon vehicle from Berkshire, United kingdom has been around since 1997 by Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. Avensis premiered as modern substitute for Corona, that was almost stagnant in term of purchase coupled with unfavorable perception in masses. Like its predecessor and like several Toyota vehicles, Avensis demonstrated to become very reliable and it is purchase figures surpassed your competition.

First generation (1997-2003) Avensis premiered with four choices for engines, that incorporated 1.6, 1.8, 2. litre gas and a pair of. litre turbo billed diesel engine. All gas engines were launched in both A-FE or VVT-I specs, however, 2. litre gas was offered in S-FE and VVT-I specs. The Two. litre diesel engine either had TE or FTV technology.

Second generation (2003-2008) Avensis received reviews that are positive in the beginning. It had been recognized because of its space, visibility and enjoyable driving experience. Toyota offered four gas and three different diesel engine capacities. 1.6, 1.8, 2. and a pair of.4 litre gas engines, all employed VVT-I technology. 2. And A Pair Of.2 litre diesel engines were according to FTV whereas the final 2.2 litre diesel took it’s origin from FHV technology.

Third generation (2008 till present) Avensis premiered in Paris Motor Show and like its immediate predecessor additionally, it received reviews that are positive. In current generation, Toyota is providing only three gas and three engine capacities. 1.6, 1.8 and a pair of. litre gas engine employ FAE technology. Whereas, 2. and a pair of.2 litre diesel engines derive from FTV technology and the other 2.2 litre diesel is provided in FHV specs.

Lately this year, it has been announced that Toyota Avensis will be utilized for the bottom model for British Touring Vehicle Championship and Toyota has decided to provide donor vehicle together with supply covering with this project.