Zagreb – A Financial Budget Travel Destination

The main city of Croatia is really a lesser-known jewel from the budget travel world. Both attractive and filled with exciting pockets of cultural activity, on the practical level, Zagreb also offers its great amount of fine and excellently priced Zagreb hostels.

Old City

For daytime sightseeing as well as an experience with Zagreb’s response to the ecu café culture, vacationers must take a visit to the Old City or Gornji Grad, or even better, stay within the many Zagreb hostels located there.

Fantastic architecture and ancient cobbled roads really are a significant departure in the modern extravagance from the lower town’s nightlife, and offers to supply the ideal mind-clearing fix for any morning-after affilictions.

There’s a powerful Italian influence in Zagreb, nowhere much more compared to the Museum of recent Art, which is among a multitude of locations by which visitors can take in the nation’s background and cultural roots.

However for architectural grandeur, travelers need take a look at the impressive Cathedral of Zagreb, found in the hill district of Kaptol. This spectacle is possibly only surpassed through the massive Medvedgrad Mountain, that provides excellent views from the city and accessibility hidden Medvednica fortress.


The numerous winding roads and alleyways provide the perfect atmosphere for lively nightlife activities and hideaways, and reassuringly Zagreb doesn’t dissatisfy. The Donji Grad district offers backpackers no finish of bars, affordable restaurants and numerous clubs.

However, to find the best use of night time activity, travelers ought to decide Zagreb hostels around the Tkalciceva area, where collections of former aristocratic houses hidden in the enclaves happen to be changed into stylish bars and clubs.

Just like many nightlife hotspots, Tkalciceva can also be a great spot to people watch, attracting probably the most diverse from the city’s local and visiting glitterati. However, remember others is going to be carrying this out too, so it might not be the perfect spot to stumble from Zabreb hostels, bleary eyed, every morning.